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Electronic Feeders Make life Easy

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When you are going on vacation, what do you do with your pets? Many people send them to kennels or pet resorts, or they ask a close friend or relative/hire someone to stop by and check on your pet on a daily basis. Both situations are inconvenient and can cost a lot of money, yet they can be avoided with the use of simple pet products that are available today.

Automatic/electronic pet feeders and automatic water bowls can change your life in a positive way! These Pet Feeders can give your pet a specific amount of food and water at certain times of the day programmed by you, giving you more time to do what you want to do! You don’t even have to be around; the automatic feeders do all the work for you. Automatic feeders are available in many different sizes and styles to accommodate small and large pets.

Automatic pet feeders and water bowls are great products for those who travel frequently or just want to make their lives easier. Pet feeders serve many purposes, one of which being convenience. If you have several pets you know how hard it is to keep up with feeding them or if you have a busy schedule with no time to feed your pets these feeders will save your life. With the automatic feeders you just program the quantity you would like dispensed at whatever time throughout the day and you are done feeding your pet until the food runs out, then you just refill the feeder.

Another benefit to automatic feeders is control of portion size and frequency of feeding which can help your pet achieve a healthy diet. This portion control can also be very beneficial for a pet that has a specific health condition like diabetes where they need to watch how much and how often they eat. Automatic water bowls can be good for your pet’s diet also. These water bowls often have filters that clean the water, hence making it taste better. When the water tastes better your pet will want more to drink, which is very healthy for pets and can often help them avoid health issues such as urinary tract infections. Many feeders and automatic water systems are available in an elevated version which can also be good for pets with health issues, so they don’t have to bend their bodies in uncomfortable positions.

Utilizing automatic pet feeders can also positively impact your pet’s hygiene and cleanliness. Since the pet food is contained in the automatic feeder, the food can not get contaminated by insects, other pets and even children. And the best part of the automatic feeder is that there is no more messy overflowing food flying around the floor all the time!

Feeders are just another way for pets to gain independence and for their owners to gain sanity. If you have an automatic feeder/ waterer and a pet door, your pet will be able to successfully complete all basic daily tasks without your help. Your pet will not only be happier, but healthier as well!

Pet Gates Give you Control in your Home

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As a pet owner you have to be prepared for your pet to do things that it is not supposed to do when you are not there to supervise. For the most part your pet seems to act out when you are not home for an extended period of time. After you get done with a long day at work, the last thing you want to come home to is a house looking like it was just hit by a hurricane! Yet you feel bad locking your pet in a closed room for 9 hours a day. What are your options? Simple, you invest in a pet gate.

Pet gates are an excellent way to keep your pet out of those “off limits,” areas and avoid damage to your things while you are gone. They also can be a barrier between your pets and small children if you don’t want your pet and child to interact without your presence. There are many different sizes, heights and install types of pet gates. You can buy free standing, pressure mounted and permanent install pet gates, depending on how you want your gate to operate and what kind of pet you own. Free standing gates are a single solitary unit that requires no installation, they just block the opening or your hallway, doorway or whatever area you are trying to bar. If you are looking to barricade a puppy or small breed dog, a free standing gate may be a commendable choice as a larger dog may be able to knock a free standing gate over. Pressure mounted gates also require no installation with mounting hardware or screwing into adjacent walls, but are still considered a semi-permanent gate as they are secured into place by tension. These gates are great for someone looking to move or relocate the gate with ease, but need a gate sturdy enough for their larger pets. Permanent gates are installed with hardware that mounts on walls or surfaces adjacent to the gate. Permanent gates are the strongest available but do require tools and/or basic “handyman,” knowledge to install. Many gates available are JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified and are designed to work as baby gates also. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone!

Many people have difficulties with their dogs destroying things when they are gone no matter how obedient there dog is when they present. In many cases damage is done by accident or clumsiness of your dog and can be completely avoided by taking precautions like installing pet gates.

Pet Ramps Helping Your Pet Stay Mobile

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Is your dog lacking the extreme energy and physical stamina it once had in its younger years? If so, you may want to consider searching for solutions to ease daily activities that are hard on your dog. Like humans, dogs tend slow down physically and mentally over time and aging. This is a normal and completely natural part of your dogs life, yet it can be a very sad and difficult time for many dog owners, as they have grown attached to their dog and want what is best for them.

Dogs are forced to jump numerous times a day just to get around, whether they are leaping into your vehicle, jumping up on to the couch or even entering your house. Younger dogs are very active and can jump high with relative ease, but constant jumping and leaping can lead to serious health problems later in their lives. A wide array of dog breeds are prone to hip and joint problems genetically and studies have shown that jumping is the easiest way for a dog to sustain long term health issues. Because this constant jumping can have such a negative affect on a dog as it ages, many have purchased pet ramps and/or pet stairs. Pet ramps and pet stairs are excellent ways to prolong your dogs life and physical capabilities. The ramps are available in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of unique situations. They can assist your dog in getting in an out of your vehicle, pool and even your boat! Ramps can be used indoors to help your dog access furniture and beds as well. Pet stairs serve the exact same purpose as the ramps, with a different look. Both the ramps and the stairs have many different color finishes to choose from, so finding one that looks great in your home will not be a problem!

Pet ramps and stairs are beneficial for all dogs whether they are young, old, have health problems or don’t have health problems at all. Using the ramps and stairs as preventative care can dramatically help your dog stay active and healthy as it ages. Always remember that your dog depends on you to look out for their comfort, health and safety. Doing whatever you can to make your dogs life less stressful is just part of being a responsible pet owner.

Choose to have a healthy pet

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There are many reasons why people have dogs. Dogs offer unconditional companionship and many people consider their dog a member of their family. Aside from companionship, dogs can also decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and your feelings of loneliness! Many pet owners note that their dog also provides them with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise and even socialization. As you can see, dogs are more than just furry troublemakers! They enable people to live a healthy and happy life, and are worthy of a happy, healthy life themselves. Keeping your dog healthy is very simple if you are persistent with daily exercise, diet and regular vet visits.

Exercising your dog can be fun and can get you in shape as well. At the younger stages of your dogs life you will want to start easy and slowly progress into more vigorous exercises over time. Keep in mind that just letting your dog outdoors alone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are getting the exercise they need. They want you to be with them! If you can’t be with them exercising you may want to consider taking them to a doggy day care, where they will be able to run and play with other dogs. If you do have the time, walking, jogging and playing fetch are great ways for dogs to get the exercise they need, but be careful not to over exercise your dog because it could cause long term health issues such as hip dysplasia and other muscle/joint diseases.

Just as important as exercise is your dogs diet. You want to make sure that your dog is getting an adequate amount of energy and nutrients on a daily basis. What you feed your dog and the quantity of food can largely be determined by the breed, however all natural food is always a good choice for dog food as it has no harmful chemicals and preservatives that can hurt your dog. Make sure to read the labels of the dog food you are about to purchase and make sure there are minimal fillers or chemicals, and always remember that feeding your dog human food is not good for them and can be toxic, in some cases even causing death.

Choosing a vet and keeping up with scheduled vaccinations and annual checkups can ensure that your dog lives a long and healthy life. When you are selecting a veterinarian be sure to do the necessary research to make sure you are choosing a reputable doctor as your dogs life may be in their hands some day!

If your pet is unhealthy it can affect you as well as them. Diseases can be transferred from animals to humans through direct contact, through food, water and air. If you keep your pet healthy it will look better, be more active and playful and most importantly, your pet will be a happy member of your family!

Let the Dog and the Air in with a Screen Pet Door

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If you own a pet door, you know how much easier and more convenient they make your life. Pet doors have been around for a long time and in recent years have evolved into a wide selection of different styles and install types to suffice a vast variety of living situations and personal preferences. Some people prefer a pet door that can be installed in their homes through a wall or a door; others don’t want cut holes in their houses and prefer a window pet door or a patio pet door. Having such options make it very easy to find a pet door that fits your needs. A great pet door option that often goes overlooked is the screen pet door. Screen pet doors have many features that are desirable for people who don’t want to modify their doors or walls, yet still want their windows and patio doors to remain fully functional. Many patio pet doors are very bulky and can take up most of the patio door opening and window pet doors virtually take up the whole window, which can be an inconvenience for people that don’t have many windows or patio doors in their dwelling. They install directly into your existing screen so they take up very minimal space, and when installed in a screen door they do not affect the opening and closing feature of the sliding screen door. Security Boss Manufacturing has developed a very innovative high quality screen pet door that is unmatched by any other screen pet door. The Security Boss screen pet door is constructed of heavy duty aluminum that will not bend or disfigure over time like cheaper, lower quality screen pet doors tend to do. If you are worried about your pet ripping the pet screen have no fear as the Security Boss screen pet door is equipped with a Textilene Super Screen specially designed to resist scratches, tears and general pet abuse. These Screen pet doors are not just made for sliding screen doors as they can be mounted in screen porches, storm door screens and sun rooms as well as sliding doors, making them a very versatile pet door option. On top of all these great features, you can easily install the pet door by yourself and more importantly the Security Boss screen door is very inexpensive!

Don’t just give up on purchasing a pet door because you can’t install it into your door or through your wall. There are many different choices and styles of pet doors which you may find adequate for your need. If you are looking for high quality pet door to install in a screen I would highly recommend the Security Boss screen pet door.

Something in the Air

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Tom woke up one morning, put on his robe and slippers and prepared for another great day of his life. As he walked down the stairs he was feeling like a “million bucks.” Tom grabbed his daily cup of coffee, stepped outside, stretched his arms and took in the fresh morning air. To Tom’s disbelief the paper boy was actually on time this week and he threw the newspaper in the yard as he passed by. Still on top of the world, Tom was thinking he was going to have an outstanding day. He then stepped into the lawn to retrieve the paper and notice that he had managed to land a foot in an abnormally large pile of his furry friends fecal matter, talk about “tossing a turd in the punch bowl!” Then he asked himself, “how did this happen,” and “what did I do wrong,” well, the answer is very simple…Tom doesn’t clean up his dogs waste! Sounds simple yet many people don’t do it, nor do they realize the importance of it.

Your dogs waste contaminates the ground and can become a means of passing intestinal parasites and infections to other pets and even humans! Because of its contamination effect and undesirable smell, not cleaning up your pets waste can make your neighbors and community leaders very upset. Cleaning up after your pet shows responsibility and pride as a pet owner. It also will help you avoid situations like Toms! Not cleaning up your pets waste can lead to a wide variety of different issues. If you choose not to pick up after your pet, your lawn will suffer greatly. Not only will the feces kill the grass and contaminate the ground, but it will smell horrible over time making you and your neighbors suffer. Your shoes and clothing will stink if you step in or come in contact with the feces. Even your lawn mower blades could create a foul odor in your garage or shed!

So next time you are on a run with your pet bring along a couple baggies to prepare for natures calling. When your pet is using your backyard as a bathroom, go outside once a week to clean up all the feces you can find. If you can pick up after your pet you will avoid a lot of stinky situations. The neighbors may like you a bit better. Your grass will be greener and smell like grass. Your shoes and clothing will not have an odor (from dog feces) and your lawn mower wont smell like a turd dicer! More importantly you will become a more responsible pet owner and a positive influence for people that notice you cleaning up after your pet!

Achieve sanity with Window and Patio Pet Doors

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your pet had the freedom to decide when they go outside without your assistance? Or what it would be like to come home to a house not covered in your pets urine, puke or feces? Luckily you can now find pet doors that give you your life back and take the worry out of leaving your pet unattended by giving them the choice to come and go as they please! Pet doors are a great way for your pet to gain independence and for you to gain back your sanity, but there are many ways that pet doors are installed and many of which include cutting holes in walls, doors, garage doors, etc. So the real question is what do you do if you can’t cut holes all over your home? Say you live in an apartment or condominium where you can’t modify the structure of your dwelling? There is a solution for these circumstances, called window pet doors. These window pet doors are available for cats and for dogs, they are offered in many different sizes to accommodate different window widths and they are even available with electronic pet openings! These pet doors are so easy, convenient and can be taken in and out of your window in minutes which is great for someone who moves frequently or doesn’t have the need for full time use of the door. The window pet doors require no tools, drilling or modification of your window, making them a very feasible option for those who don’t have the choice of cutting holes in their home. Another great option for these situations would be the Patio Pet Doors. Patio Pet doors like window pet doors do not require any modification of your door and can easily be installed and removed. The patio doors have a very wide selection of patio door height ranges, and pet opening sizes making them an excellent option for people with pets small and large!

Although many of us live in apartments and condominiums we don’t have to spend all of our free time acting as slaves to our pets indecisiveness! Does Fido want to go outside or stay inside? Let Fido make that decision while you sit back and relax!

Save Money with Energy Efficient Pet Doors

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Energy efficiency is a very important topic in many conversations today. Whether you are talking about how to power a commercial jet with less fuel or simply which light bulbs are more cost effective, we all must realize the importance of conserving energy. Not only does energy efficiency preserve the longevity of our earth and environment but it can also save you money! One of the most effective ways for you to benefit financially from “going green,” would be to make simple changes around your home like purchasing more efficient appliances and light bulbs, but many people overlook their pet door when it comes to making these household changes. Most pet doors on the market are constructed of low quality plastic frames and have flaps that don’t properly seal and insulate. The result is unwanted air leakage into your home creating a cold spot around your door. This cold spot makes your homes heating system work harder to neutralize the cold air leaking through, and can result in a big heating bill which is no fun for anybody! If you currently own a pet door like this, you are already aware of this issue and if you are looking to purchase a pet door, you need to be aware of this issue. Thankfully there are pet doors available that can eliminate this energy problem and save you money on your energy bill! These doors are made by Security Boss Manufacturing and the model is the MaxSeal which can be mounted in doors, walls, garage doors and even French doors. These pet doors are known as the best in the pet door industry. The frames are constructed of heavy duty aluminum and come with weatherized, UV treated vinyl flaps. When the flaps are in closed position they align with heavy duty pile brush material and high strength Alnico magnets that are embedded into the frame resulting in a perfect seal. The MaxSeal door with dual flaps impressively provides more than twice the insulation of dual pane glass! There are also insulated Patio Pet doors that are great options for those who cannot install pet doors that require modification to your home such as cutting into doors and walls.

If you currently own a pet door that is costing you an arm and a leg when it comes time to pay the heating bill or if you are looking to install a pet door I would highly recommend a quality MaxSeal pet door. Everyone has heard the expression “you get what you pay for,” and pet doors are no exception to this phrase. Why buy a pet door that constantly has maintenance issues and doesn’t even offer proper insulation when you could get a door that is extremely rigid and will insulate twice as good as dual pane glass! If you like doing what is right for the environment while saving money, the MaxSeal is the right choice for you and your pet!