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Let the Dog and the Air in with a Screen Pet Door

Posted in Pet Products with tags , , , , , , , , on March 1, 2009 by exigentbarker

If you own a pet door, you know how much easier and more convenient they make your life. Pet doors have been around for a long time and in recent years have evolved into a wide selection of different styles and install types to suffice a vast variety of living situations and personal preferences. Some people prefer a pet door that can be installed in their homes through a wall or a door; others don’t want cut holes in their houses and prefer a window pet door or a patio pet door. Having such options make it very easy to find a pet door that fits your needs. A great pet door option that often goes overlooked is the screen pet door. Screen pet doors have many features that are desirable for people who don’t want to modify their doors or walls, yet still want their windows and patio doors to remain fully functional. Many patio pet doors are very bulky and can take up most of the patio door opening and window pet doors virtually take up the whole window, which can be an inconvenience for people that don’t have many windows or patio doors in their dwelling. They install directly into your existing screen so they take up very minimal space, and when installed in a screen door they do not affect the opening and closing feature of the sliding screen door. Security Boss Manufacturing has developed a very innovative high quality screen pet door that is unmatched by any other screen pet door. The Security Boss screen pet door is constructed of heavy duty aluminum that will not bend or disfigure over time like cheaper, lower quality screen pet doors tend to do. If you are worried about your pet ripping the pet screen have no fear as the Security Boss screen pet door is equipped with a Textilene Super Screen specially designed to resist scratches, tears and general pet abuse. These Screen pet doors are not just made for sliding screen doors as they can be mounted in screen porches, storm door screens and sun rooms as well as sliding doors, making them a very versatile pet door option. On top of all these great features, you can easily install the pet door by yourself and more importantly the Security Boss screen door is very inexpensive!

Don’t just give up on purchasing a pet door because you can’t install it into your door or through your wall. There are many different choices and styles of pet doors which you may find adequate for your need. If you are looking for high quality pet door to install in a screen I would highly recommend the Security Boss screen pet door.

Custom Made Pet Doors

Posted in Pet Products with tags , , , , , , , on February 27, 2009 by exigentbarker

Have you purchased and installed a pet door that you are not completely satisfied with? If so, you most likely went online without doing any research and purchased the cheapest door you could find. Now you find yourself in a major predicament, you have a pet door that provides less insulation than a piece of paper would! From this point you have few options to choose from, you could take out the pet door, spend hundreds of dollars getting the hole fixed, then have to deal with the hassle of letting your pet in and out of the house once again. Your second option would be to just keep the door you purchased and suffer the loss of heat and air conditioning, which could cost you an arm and a leg over time. Both of these options either cost you time, money or both. Thankfully there is a more effective way to fix this problem. You can install a high quality MaxSeal pet door that is custom made to fit the existing hole in your door or wall! Most people associate custom products with outrageously high prices and long periods of time for fabrication, however, the custom MaxSeal door prices are very comparable to the standard MaxSeal prices and they only take 3-5 days to fabricate. The MaxSeal door frames are made of heavy duty aluminum so they will not crack or get chewed apart over time. The flaps of the MaxSeal door are nylon reinforced vinyl flaps that are UV treated and weatherizes so they will not shrink, yellow or crack. MaxSeal doors equipped with dual flaps provide twice the insulation of dual pane glass! Making the MaxSeal door the best in the pet door industry.

Aside from all of its high quality components, the MaxSeal door will look very nice in your home as well. With 10 powder coated color options you are sure to find one that matches well with your wall or door.

A Custom MaxSeal pet door as you can see is a great option if you are replacing an existing pet door, but that’s not all. Custom MaxSeal doors are also good for abnormal sized pets that need very tiny or very large pet openings. These doors are perfect for animals with hip and joint issues as well. It is even possible to get a MaxSeal custom door made to fit in your French doors!

Save Money with Energy Efficient Pet Doors

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Energy efficiency is a very important topic in many conversations today. Whether you are talking about how to power a commercial jet with less fuel or simply which light bulbs are more cost effective, we all must realize the importance of conserving energy. Not only does energy efficiency preserve the longevity of our earth and environment but it can also save you money! One of the most effective ways for you to benefit financially from “going green,” would be to make simple changes around your home like purchasing more efficient appliances and light bulbs, but many people overlook their pet door when it comes to making these household changes. Most pet doors on the market are constructed of low quality plastic frames and have flaps that don’t properly seal and insulate. The result is unwanted air leakage into your home creating a cold spot around your door. This cold spot makes your homes heating system work harder to neutralize the cold air leaking through, and can result in a big heating bill which is no fun for anybody! If you currently own a pet door like this, you are already aware of this issue and if you are looking to purchase a pet door, you need to be aware of this issue. Thankfully there are pet doors available that can eliminate this energy problem and save you money on your energy bill! These doors are made by Security Boss Manufacturing and the model is the MaxSeal which can be mounted in doors, walls, garage doors and even French doors. These pet doors are known as the best in the pet door industry. The frames are constructed of heavy duty aluminum and come with weatherized, UV treated vinyl flaps. When the flaps are in closed position they align with heavy duty pile brush material and high strength Alnico magnets that are embedded into the frame resulting in a perfect seal. The MaxSeal door with dual flaps impressively provides more than twice the insulation of dual pane glass! There are also insulated Patio Pet doors that are great options for those who cannot install pet doors that require modification to your home such as cutting into doors and walls.

If you currently own a pet door that is costing you an arm and a leg when it comes time to pay the heating bill or if you are looking to install a pet door I would highly recommend a quality MaxSeal pet door. Everyone has heard the expression “you get what you pay for,” and pet doors are no exception to this phrase. Why buy a pet door that constantly has maintenance issues and doesn’t even offer proper insulation when you could get a door that is extremely rigid and will insulate twice as good as dual pane glass! If you like doing what is right for the environment while saving money, the MaxSeal is the right choice for you and your pet!

Training your pet to use a pet door

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In a perfect world, your pet would have the ability use your restroom at home, flush the toilet, and go about their business. If your pet was hungry it would go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator and get something to eat, but as we all know, our world is far from perfect and pets unfortunately do not have the capabilities to function as we do as humans. Instead, we are forced to tend to our pets constant need to go outside just to be let in moments later. Quite a few people have purchased pet doors to make their lives and duties as a pet owners a bit easier. Purchasing a pet door is a great way to give your pet the freedom and independence they deserve. Not only will a pet door offer your pet an easy and convenient way to come and go as they please, but it will give you your life back as well! No more having to open and close your door constantly to let your pet in and out. As we all know, pets do not have the same physical abilities that we do, however, each and every pet has different characteristics, tendencies and personalities, similar to humans. Therefore training a pet to utilize the convenience of a pet door can be difficult in some cases. Some outgoing, courageous pets will be using a pet door with no issues within hours of being introduced to the door, while other shy, less courageous pets might have a very hard time understanding the concept of something so new and out of the ordinary. Fortunately, there are many different methods of training pets, even very shy pets, to use pet doors.

One of the most effective ways to get a pet to use a pet door is to entice them with what they love most…food and toys. Placing treats and toys on the other side of the door, or even in the frame of the pet door has been an effective method of training for many pets. Some pets have a hard time pushing the flaps open in early stages of training and it can be beneficial to tape the flaps up or take them out if possible. This will help your pet understand that a hole does indeed exist. Once your pet gets used to going through the door, try using the flaps. If your pet is still reluctant to push through the flaps, it may be time to step it up a notch. Try placing your pet in the opening with the flaps resting on its back. This will show your pet that the flaps will not and cannot hurt them. Always remember that your pet has a unique personality and might not understand what you are trying to teach them at first, although you may get frustrated, do what you can to keep your cool. Yelling and hitting your pet will do nothing but prolong the learning process and may scare your pet away from the door for good.

If your pet is still having trouble with its pet door after you have implemented these strategies don’t get discouraged. It may take a couple of weeks for your pet to get familiar with its new door, give your pet some time and keep training daily. Eventually you will be reaping the benefits of your new pet door and on to a happier, healthier relationship with your pet!