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Discriminating Your Hallway

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Picture the situation. You have a room or rooms in your home that you want to keep the dog from getting into. Perhaps there is a room of valuables, sensitive equipment, or a nursery. Getting a pet gate is an excellent way to keep the dog cut off from one area of the home. They are commonly easy to install and have pass-through gates with latches or locks, allowing you to move freely through the designated areas.

Now, suppose you have multiple pets? If you want to keep the dog out of an area but don’t mind the cat being there, this solution presents a problem: how to gate off the dog and let the cat roam free?

The solution: Gates with Pet Doors. These are incredibly useful gates that operate just like most others. Pressure mounted or hardware mounted, preventing your dog from going where you don’t want him. Included in these gates are smaller openings with swing-style doors that allow a much smaller pet access. Cats can roam just as easily as us and you can still keep the dog away.

The uses for this are sure to arise in many situations when you have two pets living together. For example, keep the dog away from the cat’s litter box.

It is not just limited for larger pets, either.

What if you have smaller dogs, and don’t want the hassle of uninstalling or removing a pressure mounted gate every time the dogs want to go outside? Use the locking pet door built into the gate to let them through when desired. These gates commonly feature latches allowing you to do just this.

Keep your dog separate and allow access for other animals. These gated pet doors are the perfect solution.


Electronic Feeders Make life Easy

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When you are going on vacation, what do you do with your pets? Many people send them to kennels or pet resorts, or they ask a close friend or relative/hire someone to stop by and check on your pet on a daily basis. Both situations are inconvenient and can cost a lot of money, yet they can be avoided with the use of simple pet products that are available today.

Automatic/electronic pet feeders and automatic water bowls can change your life in a positive way! These Pet Feeders can give your pet a specific amount of food and water at certain times of the day programmed by you, giving you more time to do what you want to do! You don’t even have to be around; the automatic feeders do all the work for you. Automatic feeders are available in many different sizes and styles to accommodate small and large pets.

Automatic pet feeders and water bowls are great products for those who travel frequently or just want to make their lives easier. Pet feeders serve many purposes, one of which being convenience. If you have several pets you know how hard it is to keep up with feeding them or if you have a busy schedule with no time to feed your pets these feeders will save your life. With the automatic feeders you just program the quantity you would like dispensed at whatever time throughout the day and you are done feeding your pet until the food runs out, then you just refill the feeder.

Another benefit to automatic feeders is control of portion size and frequency of feeding which can help your pet achieve a healthy diet. This portion control can also be very beneficial for a pet that has a specific health condition like diabetes where they need to watch how much and how often they eat. Automatic water bowls can be good for your pet’s diet also. These water bowls often have filters that clean the water, hence making it taste better. When the water tastes better your pet will want more to drink, which is very healthy for pets and can often help them avoid health issues such as urinary tract infections. Many feeders and automatic water systems are available in an elevated version which can also be good for pets with health issues, so they don’t have to bend their bodies in uncomfortable positions.

Utilizing automatic pet feeders can also positively impact your pet’s hygiene and cleanliness. Since the pet food is contained in the automatic feeder, the food can not get contaminated by insects, other pets and even children. And the best part of the automatic feeder is that there is no more messy overflowing food flying around the floor all the time!

Feeders are just another way for pets to gain independence and for their owners to gain sanity. If you have an automatic feeder/ waterer and a pet door, your pet will be able to successfully complete all basic daily tasks without your help. Your pet will not only be happier, but healthier as well!

Choose to have a healthy pet

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There are many reasons why people have dogs. Dogs offer unconditional companionship and many people consider their dog a member of their family. Aside from companionship, dogs can also decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and your feelings of loneliness! Many pet owners note that their dog also provides them with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise and even socialization. As you can see, dogs are more than just furry troublemakers! They enable people to live a healthy and happy life, and are worthy of a happy, healthy life themselves. Keeping your dog healthy is very simple if you are persistent with daily exercise, diet and regular vet visits.

Exercising your dog can be fun and can get you in shape as well. At the younger stages of your dogs life you will want to start easy and slowly progress into more vigorous exercises over time. Keep in mind that just letting your dog outdoors alone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are getting the exercise they need. They want you to be with them! If you can’t be with them exercising you may want to consider taking them to a doggy day care, where they will be able to run and play with other dogs. If you do have the time, walking, jogging and playing fetch are great ways for dogs to get the exercise they need, but be careful not to over exercise your dog because it could cause long term health issues such as hip dysplasia and other muscle/joint diseases.

Just as important as exercise is your dogs diet. You want to make sure that your dog is getting an adequate amount of energy and nutrients on a daily basis. What you feed your dog and the quantity of food can largely be determined by the breed, however all natural food is always a good choice for dog food as it has no harmful chemicals and preservatives that can hurt your dog. Make sure to read the labels of the dog food you are about to purchase and make sure there are minimal fillers or chemicals, and always remember that feeding your dog human food is not good for them and can be toxic, in some cases even causing death.

Choosing a vet and keeping up with scheduled vaccinations and annual checkups can ensure that your dog lives a long and healthy life. When you are selecting a veterinarian be sure to do the necessary research to make sure you are choosing a reputable doctor as your dogs life may be in their hands some day!

If your pet is unhealthy it can affect you as well as them. Diseases can be transferred from animals to humans through direct contact, through food, water and air. If you keep your pet healthy it will look better, be more active and playful and most importantly, your pet will be a happy member of your family!

Keeping your Pet Lean and Healthy

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As a pet owner you want what is best for your dog or cat. However, what is best for your pet is not always necessarily what your pet may want. What is your dog doing when it sits by the edge of your dinner table, watching you enjoy a t-bone steak? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here! Your dog is hoping and praying that you recklessly drop a chunk of food and if that doesn’t work it’s on to plan “B”, the famous “puppy dog face,” in hopes that you will give in. We are all guilty of giving in to our pets craving for human food, whether you give your pet table scraps once in a while or your pet has become your garbage disposal. This is just one of the reasons that one out of every four dogs is overweight and suffers from weight related health issues. Obesity in dogs and cats can cause major life threatening medical problems. Overweight pets are more prone to injury and have more stress on their heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and joints. Obesity can also lead to diseases such as diabetes and hip dysplasia. If your pet is overweight you will want to consider taking action as soon as possible to prolong your pets life. There are many ways you can help your pet reduce their weight and get them back in shape. The best, most effective way to do this is to implement a diet plan. In your diet plan the main priorities should be portion control and exercise. You want to make sure that you are still giving your pet the necessary nutrients that they need to re-energize and stay healthy. Using an automatic pet feeder is a great way to control the quantity of food your pet consumes. Automatic pet feeders will feed your pet a predetermined amount of dry food at specific times of the day that you can control. These feeders give your pet reasonable portions of food that fit their diet and make your life easier!

The next most important part of your pets diet plan is exercise. Providing daily opportunities for your pet to get outside and exercise will help keep their bodies functioning properly and keep their muscles in shape. If you don’t have time to let your pet get outside during the day you may want to consider installing a pet door that they can use at their convenience. Exercising your pet regularly is a great way for YOU and your pet to shave some pounds!

Your pet is an important part of your family and deserves to live a long, healthy, disease free life. You can help them achieve this by providing them with plenty of opportunities to exercise and by feeding them in reasonable portions.

Achieve sanity with Window and Patio Pet Doors

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your pet had the freedom to decide when they go outside without your assistance? Or what it would be like to come home to a house not covered in your pets urine, puke or feces? Luckily you can now find pet doors that give you your life back and take the worry out of leaving your pet unattended by giving them the choice to come and go as they please! Pet doors are a great way for your pet to gain independence and for you to gain back your sanity, but there are many ways that pet doors are installed and many of which include cutting holes in walls, doors, garage doors, etc. So the real question is what do you do if you can’t cut holes all over your home? Say you live in an apartment or condominium where you can’t modify the structure of your dwelling? There is a solution for these circumstances, called window pet doors. These window pet doors are available for cats and for dogs, they are offered in many different sizes to accommodate different window widths and they are even available with electronic pet openings! These pet doors are so easy, convenient and can be taken in and out of your window in minutes which is great for someone who moves frequently or doesn’t have the need for full time use of the door. The window pet doors require no tools, drilling or modification of your window, making them a very feasible option for those who don’t have the choice of cutting holes in their home. Another great option for these situations would be the Patio Pet Doors. Patio Pet doors like window pet doors do not require any modification of your door and can easily be installed and removed. The patio doors have a very wide selection of patio door height ranges, and pet opening sizes making them an excellent option for people with pets small and large!

Although many of us live in apartments and condominiums we don’t have to spend all of our free time acting as slaves to our pets indecisiveness! Does Fido want to go outside or stay inside? Let Fido make that decision while you sit back and relax!

Save Money with Energy Efficient Pet Doors

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Energy efficiency is a very important topic in many conversations today. Whether you are talking about how to power a commercial jet with less fuel or simply which light bulbs are more cost effective, we all must realize the importance of conserving energy. Not only does energy efficiency preserve the longevity of our earth and environment but it can also save you money! One of the most effective ways for you to benefit financially from “going green,” would be to make simple changes around your home like purchasing more efficient appliances and light bulbs, but many people overlook their pet door when it comes to making these household changes. Most pet doors on the market are constructed of low quality plastic frames and have flaps that don’t properly seal and insulate. The result is unwanted air leakage into your home creating a cold spot around your door. This cold spot makes your homes heating system work harder to neutralize the cold air leaking through, and can result in a big heating bill which is no fun for anybody! If you currently own a pet door like this, you are already aware of this issue and if you are looking to purchase a pet door, you need to be aware of this issue. Thankfully there are pet doors available that can eliminate this energy problem and save you money on your energy bill! These doors are made by Security Boss Manufacturing and the model is the MaxSeal which can be mounted in doors, walls, garage doors and even French doors. These pet doors are known as the best in the pet door industry. The frames are constructed of heavy duty aluminum and come with weatherized, UV treated vinyl flaps. When the flaps are in closed position they align with heavy duty pile brush material and high strength Alnico magnets that are embedded into the frame resulting in a perfect seal. The MaxSeal door with dual flaps impressively provides more than twice the insulation of dual pane glass! There are also insulated Patio Pet doors that are great options for those who cannot install pet doors that require modification to your home such as cutting into doors and walls.

If you currently own a pet door that is costing you an arm and a leg when it comes time to pay the heating bill or if you are looking to install a pet door I would highly recommend a quality MaxSeal pet door. Everyone has heard the expression “you get what you pay for,” and pet doors are no exception to this phrase. Why buy a pet door that constantly has maintenance issues and doesn’t even offer proper insulation when you could get a door that is extremely rigid and will insulate twice as good as dual pane glass! If you like doing what is right for the environment while saving money, the MaxSeal is the right choice for you and your pet!