Custom Made Pet Doors

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Have you purchased and installed a pet door that you are not completely satisfied with? If so, you most likely went online without doing any research and purchased the cheapest door you could find. Now you find yourself in a major predicament, you have a pet door that provides less insulation than a piece of paper would! From this point you have few options to choose from, you could take out the pet door, spend hundreds of dollars getting the hole fixed, then have to deal with the hassle of letting your pet in and out of the house once again. Your second option would be to just keep the door you purchased and suffer the loss of heat and air conditioning, which could cost you an arm and a leg over time. Both of these options either cost you time, money or both. Thankfully there is a more effective way to fix this problem. You can install a high quality MaxSeal pet door that is custom made to fit the existing hole in your door or wall! Most people associate custom products with outrageously high prices and long periods of time for fabrication, however, the custom MaxSeal door prices are very comparable to the standard MaxSeal prices and they only take 3-5 days to fabricate. The MaxSeal door frames are made of heavy duty aluminum so they will not crack or get chewed apart over time. The flaps of the MaxSeal door are nylon reinforced vinyl flaps that are UV treated and weatherizes so they will not shrink, yellow or crack. MaxSeal doors equipped with dual flaps provide twice the insulation of dual pane glass! Making the MaxSeal door the best in the pet door industry.

Aside from all of its high quality components, the MaxSeal door will look very nice in your home as well. With 10 powder coated color options you are sure to find one that matches well with your wall or door.

A Custom MaxSeal pet door as you can see is a great option if you are replacing an existing pet door, but that’s not all. Custom MaxSeal doors are also good for abnormal sized pets that need very tiny or very large pet openings. These doors are perfect for animals with hip and joint issues as well. It is even possible to get a MaxSeal custom door made to fit in your French doors!


Keeping your Pet Lean and Healthy

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As a pet owner you want what is best for your dog or cat. However, what is best for your pet is not always necessarily what your pet may want. What is your dog doing when it sits by the edge of your dinner table, watching you enjoy a t-bone steak? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here! Your dog is hoping and praying that you recklessly drop a chunk of food and if that doesn’t work it’s on to plan “B”, the famous “puppy dog face,” in hopes that you will give in. We are all guilty of giving in to our pets craving for human food, whether you give your pet table scraps once in a while or your pet has become your garbage disposal. This is just one of the reasons that one out of every four dogs is overweight and suffers from weight related health issues. Obesity in dogs and cats can cause major life threatening medical problems. Overweight pets are more prone to injury and have more stress on their heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and joints. Obesity can also lead to diseases such as diabetes and hip dysplasia. If your pet is overweight you will want to consider taking action as soon as possible to prolong your pets life. There are many ways you can help your pet reduce their weight and get them back in shape. The best, most effective way to do this is to implement a diet plan. In your diet plan the main priorities should be portion control and exercise. You want to make sure that you are still giving your pet the necessary nutrients that they need to re-energize and stay healthy. Using an automatic pet feeder is a great way to control the quantity of food your pet consumes. Automatic pet feeders will feed your pet a predetermined amount of dry food at specific times of the day that you can control. These feeders give your pet reasonable portions of food that fit their diet and make your life easier!

The next most important part of your pets diet plan is exercise. Providing daily opportunities for your pet to get outside and exercise will help keep their bodies functioning properly and keep their muscles in shape. If you don’t have time to let your pet get outside during the day you may want to consider installing a pet door that they can use at their convenience. Exercising your pet regularly is a great way for YOU and your pet to shave some pounds!

Your pet is an important part of your family and deserves to live a long, healthy, disease free life. You can help them achieve this by providing them with plenty of opportunities to exercise and by feeding them in reasonable portions.

Watch those Hips!

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Hip dysplasia is a very common and unfortunate part of many older, larger dogs’ lives. Though this disease is most common with larger dogs, it can still be found in medium size dogs and rarely even in small dogs. Hip dysplasia results from abnormal development of the hip joints in young dogs and most researchers have concluded that they believe it to be a genetic disease. However, obesity and over exercising can be factors as well. The symptoms of this disease for the most part are very noticeable, and in most cases can be detected in the early stages. You may notice that your dog seems very sore after or even during exercise, it is common for the dog to show signs of stiffness in the hind legs and hop gingerly as they run. For many dog owners it is very difficult for them to watch their pet fight the pain caused by hip dysplasia day in and day out, and unfortunately there is no magical medication to make it go away. Surgical procedures can be performed, but there are many limitations and the surgery can be extremely expensive. One of the best ways to prolong the mobility of a dog affected by displasia, is to make everyday activities as easy and painless as possible for your dog. Thankfully there are many products available that can assist you in doing this. Many dog owners have installed doggy doors in their homes to make their lives easier, but are these doors safe for dogs with hip dysplasia? The answer is yes, as long as the owner has carefully considered available pet opening sizes and rise heights of the door when it was purchased. Pet doors that are too small or have a rise height that is too high can affect your dogs joints in a negative way. Therefore it is important to think of these factors when purchasing a pet door to make your dogs life easier. In order for your dog to be comfortable using its pet door you should consider a door with a large pet opening. This will ensure that your dog wont feel like it has to squeeze through the door and the dog will transition inside/outside with ease. The rise height of the pet door is also a key factor. You want to make sure that the dog doesn’t have to step over a mountain to get through the door! Typically mounting the pet door as low to the ground as possible is best for dogs with hip dysplasia, however you must also consider how tall the pet door is so your dog doesn’t have to duck to get under the top frame of the pet door to get through. Because hip dysplasia is more common in larger breed dogs, you may have to get a door custom made to be large enough. Security Boss Manufacturing has created a very high quality insulated pet door called the MaxSeal, this door can be ordered in custom sizes and is a great option for those with dogs that suffer from dysplasia. Other options for simplifying your dogs everyday activities are also available. Installing pet gates at the entrance of stairways will to make sure that your dog is not going up and down steps when not necessary. Using pet ramps to load your dog into your vehicle can help as well.

Dogs of all ages can be affected by this disease and in some severe cases the dog could be as young as five months old. The earlier in your pets life that you notice symptoms of hip dysplasia, the earlier you can fight the disease by utilizing products that are made to make your dogs life easier.

Gotta Eat That

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Does your house look like one giant chew toy, day in and day out? If so, you most likely have tried everything in your power to stop the constant chewing episodes that take place in your home while you are gone. Understanding the reasons for your dogs destructive chewing habits and knowing how to combat these habits can be very beneficial to you as a pet owner, and more importantly to your furniture, clothing, pet door flaps and other possessions of yours that can become chewing targets for your dog. Teething is to be expected in the early stages of your dogs life, but most people don’t realize that the chewing habit will not stop there. When puppies are teething their teeth are very sharp, chewing on things will smooth their teeth so when the permanent teeth come in they will not be so sharp. When the permanent teeth come through they require hard chewing for the new teeth to “set,” into the jaw. This stage is where the heavy chewing can really become an issue. Although this chewing may ruin some of your property, it is very important for your dogs lifelong dental health, and if you are proactive in taking the necessary actions early enough you can often eliminate or at least minimize this destructive chewing of your things. A good way to do this is to make sure that your dog has many different chew toys with a wide variety of textures and sizes to choose from. This variety will hopefully deter your dog from looking for other chewable things around the house like your couch or clothing after they get bored with a certain chew toy. The most effective way to protect your furniture and property is to have a designated safe area for your pet to rest while you are gone. Many pet owners will use pet crates or even put their dog in a room that doesn’t contain any chewable furniture. When leaving your dog alone in room you do not want to close the door on them, instead use a baby gate or two baby gates stacked on top of each other if necessary. Locking your dog in a fully enclosed room can lead to other bad habits such as clawing at the closed door or ripping up carpet under the door frame, which is just another issue for you to deal with.

As a pet owner it is important to understand that you are a human and your dog is a dog. Human logic is much more complex and this must be considered when disciplining your dog. If the dog chews up your couch at noon and you come home at 7 p.m., yelling at your will do no good. Your dog doesn’t have the mental capacity to put a reason behind your displeasure, as it had been seven hours since the destructive chewing occurred. Instead yelling may cause your pet to develop separation anxiety which will make their chewing habit worse.

Destructive chewing is the number one reason that people get rid of their dogs. If you put time and effort in to training and take the necessary actions to fix your dogs destructive chewing habit, you should not have any problems. If your dog is a destructive chewer, be proactive not reactive!

Best Mate

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If you are interested in purchasing a dog, adopting a dog or even giving a dog as a gift, there are many things you must consider to ensure that both the dog and its owners are happy. All breeds of dogs have different temperaments and personalities, so it is imperative to research the breed that you have interest in, and to consider a breed that will mesh well with your family, lifestyle and personality. The American Kennel Club divides breeds by purpose and personality and can be a useful tool when distinguishing personality traits among different dogs that are AKC registered breeds. However you can find breed information and temperaments for any dog breed online, simply by performing a search of the breed name. Keep in mind that the information online may contain some stereotypical information, for example “American Pit Bull Terriers are an aggressive breed that will attack you.” This acquisition is a complete stereotype of this breed. If raised properly and socialized as a puppy Pit Bulls can be a very friendly, obedient breed. Raising and socializing a dog properly is very important for developing a friendly, non-aggressive pet. However, personalities of dogs can also reflect the attitudes and temperaments of their parents, so if at all possible it is a good idea to meet the parents of a prospective dog. Many breeders will not have any problem introducing you to the mother and father of your new pup.

Your lifestyle is also a very important piece of the puppy purchasing puzzle. If you are an active person and you like to be outdoors you will want to look into a dog breed that is active as well, such as an American fox hound. If you have a lazy lifestyle, are you going to be happy when your dog is jumping up and down in front of your TV interrupting your favorite show, because it wants to play? Probably not! You will most likely want to consider a breed of dog that is more content just relaxing; a French Bull Dog may be a good choice for you.

Purchasing a puppy can be very exiting and fun, but if you are not prepared for the commitment and responsibility you may have regrets over time. Before you buy a dog, carefully consider the responsibilities it will entail. Feeding, walking/exercising, and yes, cleaning up after your pup uses the bathroom, which could be your living room, hallway and even your bed. These are all responsibilities as a pet owner, some obviously more fun than others. By doing the necessary research, you will be able to make an educated decision about which dog breed will “fit in,” to your life.

Something in the Air

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Tom woke up one morning, put on his robe and slippers and prepared for another great day of his life. As he walked down the stairs he was feeling like a “million bucks.” Tom grabbed his daily cup of coffee, stepped outside, stretched his arms and took in the fresh morning air. To Tom’s disbelief the paper boy was actually on time this week and he threw the newspaper in the yard as he passed by. Still on top of the world, Tom was thinking he was going to have an outstanding day. He then stepped into the lawn to retrieve the paper and notice that he had managed to land a foot in an abnormally large pile of his furry friends fecal matter, talk about “tossing a turd in the punch bowl!” Then he asked himself, “how did this happen,” and “what did I do wrong,” well, the answer is very simple…Tom doesn’t clean up his dogs waste! Sounds simple yet many people don’t do it, nor do they realize the importance of it.

Your dogs waste contaminates the ground and can become a means of passing intestinal parasites and infections to other pets and even humans! Because of its contamination effect and undesirable smell, not cleaning up your pets waste can make your neighbors and community leaders very upset. Cleaning up after your pet shows responsibility and pride as a pet owner. It also will help you avoid situations like Toms! Not cleaning up your pets waste can lead to a wide variety of different issues. If you choose not to pick up after your pet, your lawn will suffer greatly. Not only will the feces kill the grass and contaminate the ground, but it will smell horrible over time making you and your neighbors suffer. Your shoes and clothing will stink if you step in or come in contact with the feces. Even your lawn mower blades could create a foul odor in your garage or shed!

So next time you are on a run with your pet bring along a couple baggies to prepare for natures calling. When your pet is using your backyard as a bathroom, go outside once a week to clean up all the feces you can find. If you can pick up after your pet you will avoid a lot of stinky situations. The neighbors may like you a bit better. Your grass will be greener and smell like grass. Your shoes and clothing will not have an odor (from dog feces) and your lawn mower wont smell like a turd dicer! More importantly you will become a more responsible pet owner and a positive influence for people that notice you cleaning up after your pet!

Achieve sanity with Window and Patio Pet Doors

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your pet had the freedom to decide when they go outside without your assistance? Or what it would be like to come home to a house not covered in your pets urine, puke or feces? Luckily you can now find pet doors that give you your life back and take the worry out of leaving your pet unattended by giving them the choice to come and go as they please! Pet doors are a great way for your pet to gain independence and for you to gain back your sanity, but there are many ways that pet doors are installed and many of which include cutting holes in walls, doors, garage doors, etc. So the real question is what do you do if you can’t cut holes all over your home? Say you live in an apartment or condominium where you can’t modify the structure of your dwelling? There is a solution for these circumstances, called window pet doors. These window pet doors are available for cats and for dogs, they are offered in many different sizes to accommodate different window widths and they are even available with electronic pet openings! These pet doors are so easy, convenient and can be taken in and out of your window in minutes which is great for someone who moves frequently or doesn’t have the need for full time use of the door. The window pet doors require no tools, drilling or modification of your window, making them a very feasible option for those who don’t have the choice of cutting holes in their home. Another great option for these situations would be the Patio Pet Doors. Patio Pet doors like window pet doors do not require any modification of your door and can easily be installed and removed. The patio doors have a very wide selection of patio door height ranges, and pet opening sizes making them an excellent option for people with pets small and large!

Although many of us live in apartments and condominiums we don’t have to spend all of our free time acting as slaves to our pets indecisiveness! Does Fido want to go outside or stay inside? Let Fido make that decision while you sit back and relax!