Free Shipping, Really?

One of my gripes concern  people that think there is Free Shipping with any type of purchase that utilizes a physical delivery service. I say physical delivery service because I am sure that there are a few out there that will equivocate free email and the delivery of an email with the delivery of a sofa through the mail. For those….there is no hope, only the belief that Darwin’s theories will continue to hold true when their fates are determined.

Free shipping is never free. There is always a shipping charge associated with products that are delivered to you. I am amazed that there are so many people that truly believe that there is another option…other than Ground, 3-day, 2-day or Next Day Air …the Free option.   In their minds retailers simply were not smart enough to ask for the Free shipping service that is offered through FedEx, UPS, United Parcel or any other service. I am convinced that these same people are not investors in our stock markets…because they have an absolute zero acumen of how profits are generated and companies exist.

One of ,my favorite scenarios are when people want to purchase a low cost item online…for an example…let’s say a box of kleenex.  This box of kleenex may only cost $1.50 ….the very best price one could find after spending copious amounts of time surfing and comparing every possible website.  You are ready to check out and wow…$6.50 for ground shipping.  You are outraged….mystified…repulsed and must make extra efforts to call and harass the first poor customer service rep with your non-linear logic.  There is a complete disconnect with these types of shoppers…they see a direct parallel with an item costing little…therefore the shipping must be very little or even free!  How I miss those wondrous past conversations with my daughter…when she was 6.
Maybe this should not surprise me….our government is making things that in the past people had to work for more easy to attain…such as food, housing, health care…to hell with that duck company that pays benefits if you are sick, hurt and can’t work….the government has a much more attractive alternative. Simply sign up for monthly checks that should last a cool 2-3 years then you can apply to join the ranks of disabled so that you can slurp permanently from the gravy train.

Free wonder.

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