Something in the Air

Tom woke up one morning, put on his robe and slippers and prepared for another great day of his life. As he walked down the stairs he was feeling like a “million bucks.” Tom grabbed his daily cup of coffee, stepped outside, stretched his arms and took in the fresh morning air. To Tom’s disbelief the paper boy was actually on time this week and he threw the newspaper in the yard as he passed by. Still on top of the world, Tom was thinking he was going to have an outstanding day. He then stepped into the lawn to retrieve the paper and notice that he had managed to land a foot in an abnormally large pile of his furry friends fecal matter, talk about “tossing a turd in the punch bowl!” Then he asked himself, “how did this happen,” and “what did I do wrong,” well, the answer is very simple…Tom doesn’t clean up his dogs waste! Sounds simple yet many people don’t do it, nor do they realize the importance of it.

Your dogs waste contaminates the ground and can become a means of passing intestinal parasites and infections to other pets and even humans! Because of its contamination effect and undesirable smell, not cleaning up your pets waste can make your neighbors and community leaders very upset. Cleaning up after your pet shows responsibility and pride as a pet owner. It also will help you avoid situations like Toms! Not cleaning up your pets waste can lead to a wide variety of different issues. If you choose not to pick up after your pet, your lawn will suffer greatly. Not only will the feces kill the grass and contaminate the ground, but it will smell horrible over time making you and your neighbors suffer. Your shoes and clothing will stink if you step in or come in contact with the feces. Even your lawn mower blades could create a foul odor in your garage or shed!

So next time you are on a run with your pet bring along a couple baggies to prepare for natures calling. When your pet is using your backyard as a bathroom, go outside once a week to clean up all the feces you can find. If you can pick up after your pet you will avoid a lot of stinky situations. The neighbors may like you a bit better. Your grass will be greener and smell like grass. Your shoes and clothing will not have an odor (from dog feces) and your lawn mower wont smell like a turd dicer! More importantly you will become a more responsible pet owner and a positive influence for people that notice you cleaning up after your pet!

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